Get a Transfer on Death Deed for Your Home Done for Only $150 

Who gets your home when you die? Even if you have a will, it’s not certain. A Transfer on Death deed is  a quick, easy and inexpensive way to ensure your home goes to who YOU want it to when you pass away!3869_CoupleFrontHouse_FINAL

A Transfer on Death Deed (TOD) does exactly what the name implies, it will transfer your ownership in the property to the person you name upon your death. It does not affect the way the title of the property is held currently. Also, the Transfer on Death Deed is revocable which means you can cancel or change the transfer before you die if you wish.

A few facts:
• The Transfer on Death Deed will only transfer ONE PERSON’S INTEREST. If there are multiple people on title (like a married couple) all parties must have separate Transfer on Death Deed’s done. If the property is titled as Joint Tenants, the TOD is voided for the first person to pass away and the remaining party(s) stay on title. So, a married couple should have the same beneficiaries named.

• You can name as many people as you like to receive your interest in the property.

• This will avoid your real property from going to probate as long as the beneficiary does not predecease you.

• The beneficiary does not need to know and will not be notified.

• Upon your death all the beneficiary needs to do is record a few documents with the county to get the title transferred to them.

To get started with your Transfer on Death Deed we just need some basic info. There is no payment due at this time. Fill out the form below and we’ll get started working on your Transfer on Death Deed for only $150.