What Happens Next?

Thank you very much for your inquiry. If you've provided us either with (A) property address or (B) County and parcel number, here's what happens next.

Hispanic couple outside new home
First, we must check the public record for the property to determine the ownership and vesting type.
Second, after we have researched the public record, we will contact you for consultation to discuss the deed changes and vesting type that best suit your needs.
Third, this is when you'd make payment. We can send you an invoice online or accept your credit card to begin the process of formalizing a new deed in accordance with your instructions.

How Quick is This Process?

Typically, we can examine the public records, and to phone or email you back about the deed changes that you have in mind the same business day. If its after hours or a weekend we will likely follow up the next business day.

After we've received your payment,  your new deed will be drawn up within 2 business days. We will notify you at once when your new deed is finished. If you live outside the Sacramento area, we will e-mail you the new deed which you can take to a local Notary Public for notarization. Or if you can come to our Sacramento office, we will notarize the deeds at no additional cost. We also provide  you with instructions for recording your deed by mail or in person.

Any Questions: Call or Text us at (916) 234-6816, or feel free to email us at DeedsofCalifornia@gmail.com.