5 Steps to Change Your Deed

You Pay Us No Money Up Front


Check the Public Record

We MUST check the public record to determine 2 things: (A) Who are the registered property owners, and (B) which method of deed change will be needed. 


Add or Subtract Names

After we check the public record we will consult with you regarding changes of ownership and vesting type that best suits your needs. If you wish to formalize those changes into a new deed, it's at this time that you would need to send us a payment.


Change of Ownership Report

All 58 Counties in California require this additional form to be filed along with your deed. We will prepare this form for you too. 



All deeds must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public before they may be recorded in the County Recorder's office. We will notarize the deed for you if you come to our Sacramento area office. Otherwise, we will e-mail you the finished deed, and you may take the deed to any local Notary Public for notarization. 



Deeds must be delivered to your local County Recorder's Office to become fully effective. This can be done by mail or personal delivery. We will instruct you on when, where, and how to do this.